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Can the National Park Service Ride to the Rescue of the Haller House?

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Photo by Robert London / Baltimore Sun

After last summer's failure to execute a purchase of Coupeville's 1866 Haller House, we at Historic Whidbey thought we were out of business. But as it turns out, there is a glimmer of hope that remains.

The National Park Service (NPS) has proposed that it may be able to help. NPS has several tools in its kit for preserving historic places, such as the acquisition of conservation/preservation easements and partial purchase, which would bring the market value of the house into a range Historic Whidbey could afford.

Negotiations between the Haller House owners and the National Park Service are still in the very early stages, so we are holding tight to see how it all plays out. The timeline for such deals can take a fair amount of time, so patience will be required on everyone's part.

For those of you who have made donations to Historic Whidbey designated for the purchase of the house, we hope that you can ride out this suspenseful chapter with us. Please feel free to contact Lynn Hyde with any questions or concerns you may have about this process. (206) 619-4427 or this website. We will keep you posted!

Snatching Whidbey’s Heritage from the Jaws of Oblivion – One Treasure at a Time.

Historic Preservation is more than just freezing architecture in time.

It means rescuing our region’s fading stories of origin.

Each historic house threshold leads into a theater, where the dreams, heartbreaks and dramas of those who founded our community are revealed to us.

Take a moment to learn about the vision of Historic Whidbey’s inaugural project – the Haller House Territorial Heritage Center.

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